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Julie is based in south Essex and is constantly inspired by it’s varied coast and countryside. She enjoys painting in several genres, including still life, coastal landscape and portraiture. With acute observation her work explores the simple appeal of everyday objects and the fragile beauty of the Essex coast. 

Julie prefers to use ‘found’ treasures and ‘once loved’ items in her still life, ever happy to root through charity shops and old boxes and the echo of the memories discovered there. She is fascinated by the fading history and visible remnants of our working coastal landscape and collects snapshots of time for inspiration and future reference on her many walks throughout Essex. 

Julie uses various mediums in her work but especially focuses on the use of pastels and  acrylics, painstakingly layering thin glazes of colour to build depth, focus and delicacy to her intricate paintings.

Self-taught and only recently describing herself as ‘an artist’, Julie has successfully exhibited at the Leigh art trail since 2018 and has exhibited in several Essex galleries & exhibitions, including the Essex Open.

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