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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

A sunny afternoon on the banks of The Canal du Midi. I set up my easel in the shade under the Bougainvillea that line the lock at Salleles d'Aude. The challenge was to capture the dappled light through the trees on the canal administration buildings. The difficulty was that the boats were using the lock, so the water level was changing all the time and in turn the view.

Artisan oil on board 10x8"
Lock at Salleles d'Aude
Passers by on the lock

Here you can see the painting in the early stages. I have blocked out the composition and you can see the peachy orange gesso colour of the board.

Our first day in the sunshine painting

Lizzie Cooper, Ann Henson and John Cooper, the other Liz Coopers husband! Liz is out of shot as she decided to sit nearer the canal edge. We are all attempting to paint a very difficult view of the bridge over the canal.

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