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New Horizons April 2020- Community wall.

"Katagami" by Claire Hankey

Did you see us in the local press recently?

We had a two page feature in the quarterly Spring Times published by The Leigh Times Series.

The article refers to how the gallery has "innovatively developed it's profile and community reach" something we have been working on together as a group. If you didn't see the article, we have a copy in the gallery so please do ask to see it when you are next visiting.

On this note, we would like to thank everyone who has been in to view the new 'lockdown' art work we have been creating! It's been wonderful to meet our loyal customers again in person and we've all enjoyed being out again in the beautiful town where we live.

This month we are sharing some of our work available online and in the gallery, also we have news of our community exhibition space which will feature artwork from a local primary school, St Michael's.

'The Promise of Spring' by Susan Allen. 'Lovebirds' by Nicola Upton. 'Crumbling Havana' by Terry Sibson.

'Wakanda' by Sharon Walters. Me with Sharon during our training session. Artwork by one of St Michael's pupils.

Gallery News

At the end of this month, St Michael's School will be exhibiting in our community space. Pupils from Year 6 have been creating collage self portraits inspired by the contemporary artist Sharon Walters, also known as London_artist1. Claire had the pleasure of meeting Sharon via Zoom to plan the project. You may have seen Sharon on ITV as she recently designed an installation logo for them in a beautiful forest setting. Sharon works freelance as an artist and educator, she has led inspirational workshops for the Tate Gallery and the Black Lives Matter movement to name a few.

The pupils have been studying Sharon's beautiful collection of work entitled 'Seeing Ourselves', the collection celebrates black women and explores under-representation in many arenas.

We are very excited to have the work of local children in our gallery and we do hope you will visit to have a look at their creations, the exhibition will take place from Saturday 29th May and will run till the end of June.

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