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Graduating with a first class BA Hons degree in graphic design from St Martins School of Art I had a successful design career for 15 years. After having my children in 1997 and 2000 I found myself being drawn back to painting. Then followed a career change to decorating and teaching art. I try and find as much time to paint, in oil and acrylic, especially en plein air – my passion. Hot, cold, rain or shine you are continually challenged to interpret the scene before you, to capture ‘a sense of place’ – the mood and the changing light.


I have always been fascinated by Feuveism and last year, after visiting Collioure, in the South of France my painting became even more colourful. The heat was intense and equally cool was the shade,

I work in a variety of medium from watercolour, oil and acrylic to mixed media and photography. My work now is primarily ‘en plein air’ in oil or acrylic, I particularly love how this challenges you as an artist, not only to interpret the scene before you but, to capture the mood and the rapidly changing light, encouraging quick paintings. 

As a member of Leigh Art Trail I enjoy exhibiting locally as a home venue and meeting enthusiastic 'trailers'. Also a member of Southend Art Club I enjoy exhibiting in their regular shows. My work has been accepted and exhibited in the Essex Open. 

I currently have work in a local gallery in Braunton, North Devon. 

The ever present Horizon of Sea&Sky is a subject I have painted and drawn many times, especially The Thames Estuary and North Devon coastline – the changing light and texture is always fascinating to capture!

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